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Available Grades

Wolf offers an unrivaled and innovative talc product line, comprising surface treated, ultra-fine grind, and high aspect ratio grades. All of our fine milled products are available in compacted form for enhanced compounding throughput and improved dosing accuracy.

  • Macrocrystalline and
  • Microcrystalline options available
  • Sizes ranging from 1 micron to 20 micron
  • Brightness ranging from 80 to 95
  • Hyper-platy options available
  • Compacted options available
  • Available in 50lb bags, 2,000 lb supersacks, bulk truck, or bulk rail

Talc Applications

Talc products are used in polypropylene for automotive parts, household appliances, and white goods. They impart a variety of benefits to polypropylene depending on the specific application. Examples include higher stiffness and improved dimensional stability.

  • Propylene for Automotive Parts
  • Household Appliances
  • White Goods
  • Anti-blocking Agent in Polyethylene
  • Nucleating Agent in Semi-Crystalline Polymers
  • Reinforcing Filler in Food Packaging


Under-The-Hood Parts

  • High aspect ratio talc products enable under-the-hood parts, e.g. heating, ventilation and air conditioning units, to maintain performance over a wide temperature range.
  • For the long-term thermal stability of under-the-hood/bonnet parts, high purity grades are ideal.

Dashboard and Interior Trim

  • For dashboards, pillar trim, and consoles, talc products impart good dimensional stability, a matte surface and increased stiffness, which enables down-gauging.
  • Fine-grind grades allow higher levels of impact resistance to be achieved in line with the automotive industry’s increasingly stringent safety requirements (e.g. new airbag systems).
  • Specific grades have been developed that provide excellent scratch resistance.

Bumper and Exterior Trim

  • Certain talc grades generate a superior impact-to-stiffness balance in bumpers as well as a low coefficient of thermal expansion for zero gap designs.
  • For weather-resistant exterior trim, Wolf recommends high purity, platy, ultra fine grades.

Consumer Products

Household Appliances

  • Talc reinforced polypropylene is an effective alternative for metal-in-jug kettles, and for engineered thermoplastics in toasters and irons.

Garden Furniture

  • Talc products impart good rigidity to garden furniture.

Food Packaging

  • Wolf offers talc products that improve stiffness, which enables down-gauging, and weight reduction, thereby improving production output.
  • These talc products also improve dimensional stability, heat resistance and printability.

White Goods

  • Talc products impart high temperature rigidity to white goods.
  • Because the talc products we carry are chemically inert, the compounds remain stable in the presence of active detergents for washing machine, dishwasher and tumble-drier applications.

Other Polymer Applications

Agricultural Film

  • By blocking the sun’s infrared radiation, talc products increase greenhouse temperatures and improve light diffusion.

Industrial Foils/Films

  • Talc filled reinforced polypropylene films and foils are beginning to replace PVC for corrugated board, office stationary, labels and so on. Here, talc products improve rigidity and production output, reduce gas permeability, thereby reducing formulation costs.

LLDPE Anti-Blocking

  • Wolf offers precision ground talc products to obtain a good anti-blocking effect, low haze, high brightness and transparency.
  • They also minimize processing additive adsorption.


  • The nucleating efficiency of ultra fine talc products increases crystallization temperatures, resulting in faster demolding and enhanced stiffness.


  • Talc products are reinforcing fillers in polyamides.
  • They increase stiffness and heat distortion temperatures, resulting in better dimensional stability and less warpage.

Wood-plastic Composites

  • Increase modulus of rupture, modulus of elasticity and HDT
  • Reduce water absorption and warpage
  • Improve dimensional stability
  • Increase processing efficiency
  • Reduce creep
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