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Superior Steel

We are committed to providing the best quality and being the most efficient supplier of steel shipping containers in the industry. This commitment means meeting our customers’ specifications and delivering on time.

We can accomplish this mission by sourcing from the best suppliers, continually holding them accountable, and by maintaining a lean supply chain that still meets the needs of our customers.

At Wolf Container, we have built a considerable reputation for our technical expertise in the production and supply of high quality new steel drums. Our sales team has had many years of experience with the technical aspects of drum sales and our sourcing team is always making sure that we source our drums from the best manufacturers in the country. It is extremely important that Wolf stands behind our products because we know how important they are to all of our customers.

These quality and efficiency improvements have enhanced every aspect of our broad set of capabilities. The improvements go beyond manufacturing and supply chain capabilities. Each year we grow due to new customer requirements. Our drum suppliers are continually working to provide increasing levels of financial investment in order to continue to provide our customers with the best drum in the industry.

New Products/Innovation

We are always keeping an eye on the new drum market to look for better alternatives and innovative products. As a result, we have found a partner that has revolutionized the drum market. With this new “W” hoop configuration, roughly 20% more drums can fit on a pallet, in a container, and in a truck. This new pail also has improved vacuum and pressure performance as well. With the shipping and durability advantages, it is one of the best pails on the market today. Wolf currently supplies this pail to the industrial chemical market. Reach out to our sales team to discuss this exciting new product.

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