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Our Capabilities

We service a wide range of companies in the food manufacturing space from small to mid-size regional dairy producers to large National food brands. Our experience is based on working with high-volume commercial, institutional, and retail brands with complex supply chain, shipping & warehousing needs.

Our clients value our sense of urgency and responsiveness to their production and packaging needs. They appreciate that we can accommodate any size food packaging requests from small-run, to skies the limit. Wolf Container earned its reputation among successful food producers by always delivering unwavering quality and value.

various containers

Injection Molded
Heat Sealable
Tamper Resistant
Packages with Handles


Cold Foil
Dry Offset
Heat Transfer

Dry Offset Printing
Color by Design HD Dry Offset Printing
Iconic™ IDF Printing
In-Mold Containers
Pressure Sensitive

round food containers

Round Containers

A leading supplier of round food containers to a wide range of established and emerging markets. Our clients include dairy, candy, soup, salads, condiments, and a host of prepared foods. We represent an endless range of possibilities and options that are available to our customers. The round containers we offer range in size from 4 ounces up to more than 5 gallons.

Non-round Containers

Non-Round containers optimize warehouse and storage space, allowing our customers to put more of their products on a shelf, resulting in fewer stock-outs. The range of packaging that we offer in a non-round format starts at 8 ounces and goes up to 5.3 gallons.

non round containers
Tamper Resistant containers

Tamper-resistant Containers

Tamper Resistant containers are great because they can be used with small-format filling lines all the way up to extremely large filling lines. Currently, Wolf Container & Chemical offers round and non-round tamper-resistant containers that range from 8 ounces up to 1.5 gallons in many different sizes, shapes, and styles.


Our capabilities allow us to provide full-service package design and decoration for round, non-round, and tamper proof food containers.

Typically we have brands come to Evansville, Indiana where we walk them through the details of the manufacturing process. In that visit we discuss and review every detail regarding the package design, decoration, production and logistics.

We then sit down and design the package with their input. The Design process continues on an iterative process. Next a small tool is made to test the package. Then we scale up to a large production tool.

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