Non Round Packaging

Here at Wolf Container & Chemical, we’re seeing increasingly fast developments in the area of non-round packaging, both in the form of new products from our suppliers and in demands from ourQubic customers. One of our favorite suppliers, Berry Plastics, has doubled down on their investment in this area with their new Qubic containers (pictured on the right), which are generating a lot of buzz from our customers as a cost effective non-round solution. You can learn more about these containers at Across the marketplace, it seems that the growth in non-round (square and rectangle) In Mold Labeled (IML) containers has been amazing. Our sales team would love to discuss any of these options with you. Feel free to email for samples of Qubic or IML packaging.

Why move to non-round packaging? Most people are aware of the logistics gains from this: fitting more product and packaging on a pallet, through warehousing, and in distribution is important, but what most customers don’t think about is the shelf set that consumers see. Non-round packaging allows your shelf facing to be defined, while round packaging isn’t always oriented the proper direction. Also, moving from round to non-round packaging also allows most customers to get more of their product on the shelf at the retailer, which reduces labor cost for restocking, as well as “in store, out of stock” situations when the shelf is empty, but the product is stored elsewhere.

For all of these reasons, square and rectangular packaging is appearing more and more on the shelves that the end customer looks at. Sometimes, like in the example of Walmart with margarine and spreads (see image below), customers are forced to adopt non-round packaging to please a large customer, but we like to get out in front of this before it becomes an (expensive) race to the finish line. There are many cost effective ways to pursue this exciting trend, give us a call or send us an email today!

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