New Rigid Packaging – Clear & Non-Round

One of our biggest suppliers is now offering some exciting new packaging that is very on trend for the packaging industry. The picture immediately below shows the new clarified pint from Berry Plastics. We are currently selling this package and our customers are reporting strong demand for this beautiful packaging. What’s so exciting is what you don’t see… cracked and broken containers in the freezer section. We have samples of these containers and would be happy to share them with you. Testing data is also available upon request.

Another packaging innovation that we are currently offering is this new non-round packaging with photographic printing. These containers are pictured in white, but can also come in translucent (with contact clarity), or fully clarified (like glass). This package optimizes the packaging on the shelf at the retailer and allows 25% more product to be on the shelf at the retailer, and 30% more on a pallet throughout the distribution network. This Qubic packaging is an economically efficient alternative to IML packaging.

All of this was written up in Packaging Digest as well. Feel free to check out the link below.

Packaging Digest Article

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