Welcome to the new wolfcontainer.com!

Everyone at Wolf Container could not be more excited to announce and showcase our new website. It will bring new information and functionality to all of our customers. If you haven’t had a chance to browse through the various sections of it, here is a basic rundown. The website provides a wealth of technical knowledge of minerals, plastic packaging, and the services that we offer. You can see detailed specification sheets for the various minerals that we offer which are Calcium Carbonate, Kaolin, Talc, and many more.

This blog is meant to be a way to communicate industry information to keep our current and future customers informed about new trends in the industries we serve. For instance, in the plastic packaging markets, we plan to post updates for resin market movements and predicted movements as well as information about new and upcoming package releases. As far as the industrial markets we serve, we plan to discuss information related to steel packaging indices and new packaging formats that are growing rapidly.

If you don’t want to wait for these longer, more detailed blog posts please feel free to contact our sales team directly on our ‘Sales Team’ page (include link). Each member of our dedicated sales team is very capable in these areas, and can tailor any discussion to your specific needs.