Wolf Warehousing

Our Warehousing Programs Are Custom Designed for You

Wolf provides many of our customers with strategic managed inventory services. We offer various inventory programs to help our customers maintain the perfect balance of inventory. We utilize our own proprietary computer programs to accomplish accurate minimum and maximum inventory. There is a wide range of different programs that are available to our customers, and we can tailor a program to meet your needs. Wolf has a long history in warehousing and distribution and also has deep knowledge about the latest supply chain practices because we’ve continually invested in developing this knowledge base. 


Wolf operates six strategically located warehouses to provide just in time delivery of your requirements. All six of our warehouses have immediate shipment capabilities to meet your needs.

  • Carlisle, PA
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Little Rock, AR
  • Louisville, KY
  • Verona, PA